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Oxidation Removal: Save Money and Time on Vinyl Siding Repair

Restoration Services can be 50-75% Less than the Cost of Replacement

Before you make the decision to replace your vinyl siding, it is worth considering an oxidation removal service. Over time, vinyl siding can become dull and discolored due to oxidation, making it look worn out and unattractive. However, instead of immediately opting for the costly route of replacing the entire siding, there is a more affordable alternative.

Oxidation Removal: A More Affordable Alternative

By investing in an oxidation removal service, you can restore the original shine and color of your vinyl siding at a fraction of the cost. On average, the price for this restoration service is around $1.50 per square foot. This means that for a standard-sized house with 1,500 square feet of vinyl siding, the total cost would be approximately $2,250.

Comparatively, the cost of replacing vinyl siding can be significantly higher. On average, the price per square foot for new vinyl ranges from $4 to $7, depending on the quality and style chosen. Taking into account the average labor cost of $3.70 per square foot, the total expense can quickly add up.

The Cost of Oxidation Removal vs. Vinyl Siding Replacement

For the same 1,500 square foot house, the cost of replacing the vinyl siding could range from $9,000 to $15,750. This significant price difference highlights the potential savings and value that an oxidation removal service can offer.

Furthermore, opting for restoration rather than replacement saves you the hassle of dealing with a lengthy and disruptive installation process. Restoration can be completed relatively quickly, often within a day or two, minimizing any inconvenience to your daily routine.

Oxidation Removal: The Smart Choice for Vinyl Siding Repair

Before you decide to replace your vinyl siding, it is wise to explore the option of an oxidation removal service. Not only does it save you money, but it also renews the appearance of your siding, giving it a fresh and vibrant look once again.

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